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What is Radical Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation?

Traditional Forgiveness
is letting bygones be bygones -- letting go of the past while still holding onto the idea that something wrong or bad happened. That makes it seem like a difficult task and it usually takes a very long time before we begin to feel the forgiveness - if ever!

Radical Forgiveness is also a deep commitment to releasing the past. However, the release is more total since it involves a shift in perception that allows you to see that what happened was purposeful in terms of your spiritual growth and your healing. It is experienced as a profound insight and can occur in an instant. It is very easy to do using a simple step-by-step process.

Radical Forgiveness asks us to be willing to be open to the idea that there is spiritual meaning in what happens and if we could see the big picture, we would understand. By being willing to recognize that life is divinely guided and unfolding for each of us exactly how it needs to unfold for our highest good, we find peace. When we receive this insight, we can let go of being a victim and find peace, even in the most unpleasant of situations or memories of what happened. Also, when we see that, at the soul level, our perceived enemies really love us and are giving us an opportunity to heal and to grow, our hearts open and we come back into alignment with them.

Radical Manifestation
The principle behind the Law of Attraction is that whatever you put out in thought or intention comes back to you. It’s that simple. But, since we mostly do it without awareness, we think life happens by accident. Wrong!

Add to this the fact that the thoughts creating our reality are coming mostly from our subconscious minds and, since most of those are negative, they create limitations. They are many times more powerful than thoughts originating in the conscious mind, so they win every battle, every time.

The Radical Manifestation technology overcomes this problem by enabling you to bypass the subconscious mind altogether and, instead, uses your Spiritual Intelligence. (That’s the part of you that knows the truth of who you are and is directly connected to Universal Intelligence.)

Your Spiritual Intelligence uses the fine subtle energy that emanates from Spirit to create your desires. Your subconscious mind cannot detect these subtle energies so it doesn’t even notice that change is happening. That means no resistance to your having what you want and the gates to your abundance stay wide open.


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